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Use your PC to update the FP-100 volume pedal firmware, calibrate the treadle, set the gain and add new tapers.

Warning - The Toolbox allows the user to adjust some fundamental settings of the pedal. If the Toolbox procedures are not followed exactly, the pedal may not function correctly.


  • This software is only compatible with Windows® 2000, XP, Vista and 7 Operating Systems.
  • An authorization code is required to use the FP-100 Toolbox. This code is obtained, free of charge, by contacting Telonics ( with a valid FP-100 serial number.
  • A cable is required to connect the FP-100 to a PC. It should be USB "A" (the PC end) to 5 pin "Mini B" (the FP-100 end).


Pre Amplifiers - LeMay MK1 - PRE-200 - PRE-1000


Power Amplifier - PA-4200


Lexicon MX200 Effects Processor


Lexicon MX200 Presets for use with PRE-200 and PRE-1000 Preamplifiers

Note: MX200 Presets for the Combo Amplifier can be found in the Combo Amplifier section.

Pickups - Types 34, 84, 128, 151, 183, 206, 409, 427


Speakers - Types TSNEO-15-4, TSNEO-12-4, TSNEO-12-8

Combo Amplifier - TCA-500




Note: MX200 Presets for the Mini Rack can be found in the MX200 section.

  • Combo Restore Presets (zip)
    This is a .zip file that when unzipped provides instructions (pdf) on how to use the Lexicon MX-Edit program and the file "Telonics Presets Sept_17_2014.m2a" that contains the latest Combo preset archive backup data. The instructions refer to a file called "Backup Monday, April 11, 2011.m2a" - this is an older file just used as an example of how to carry out the procedure. For the Combo, use the .m2a file contained within the zip file.
  • Preset Descriptions (pdf)
  • Telonics MX200 Restore Archive, instructions only (pdf)