Software Download Information

Available Software

The following software is available. Be sure to review the download instructions.

TDC - Telonics Data Converter
TPP - Telonics Product Programmer
Transmitter Status Webpage
TR-8 Scanning Receiver and Editor Software
Telonics FP-100 Toolbox
BCP-2 - Collar Release Programmer
ADC-T03 - Argos Data Converter for Gen3 GPS
DU - Download Utility for Gen2 & Gen3 GPS
PCU-3 - Parameter Configuration Utility for Gen3 GPS
TR-5PI - TR-5 Parameter Interface
TR-4CFE - TR-4 Channel Frequency Editor
TUL - Telonics Uplink Logger

The following information will explain:

  • Obtaining software
  • Obtaining software authorization codes
  • Installing software
  • Upgrading software
  • Receiving software support

Obtaining software

You can download a demo of Telonics software from this web site at any time. After accepting the license agreement and installing this software, you will have 30-day limited access to the software for evaluation purposes. To access all of the features of the software, you will need to obtain a software authorization code.

When you are ready to install the software, double click the downloaded file in Windows Explorer and follow the instructions. Enter your authorization code into the program's About box; you can view the program's About box by selecting Help >> About from the program's main menu.

Obtaining software authorization codes

To obtain a software authorization code, contact Telonics and provide a purchase order or credit card information. Telonics will provide the authorization code over the phone, by FAX, by E-mail, or postal mail per your convenience.

Upgrading software

Telonics may periodically upgrade software or revise software to repair reported flaws. When Telonics releases new software in order to repair a flaw or make a minor upgrade, you can download a new version of the software free of charge and use your authorization code to enable all features.

Major upgrades (such as a significant software change) may require new authorization codes. The specific software webpages will indicate when a new authorization code is required. If Telonics performs a major upgrade within 30 days of your purchase date and a new authorization code is required, Telonics will provide you with the new authorization code for free. If you need to purchase a new authorization code for the major upgrade, you can obtain a new authorization code for half your original purchase price.

Software support

You should perform the following steps in the given order for software support:

  • Consult your program's help system and operating manual
  • Send your questions to:, if you have E-mail access
  • Send your questions via fax to: (480) 892-9139, attn: Software Support
  • Send your questions via post to:
    Telonics, Inc., attn: Software Support
    932 E. Impala Ave.
    Mesa, AZ 85204-6699 U.S.A.

When sending your questions to Telonics, please provide as much information as possible, such as:

  • The program name and version (ADC-T03 V3.02.0005 for example)
  • Your operating system (Windows 98, 2000, XP, etc).
  • Error messages emitted by the operating system
  • Error messages emitted by program
  • Any other symptoms you feel are relevant