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TR-8 Scanning Receiver

The TR-8 is a hand-held scanning receiver for use with conventional VHF tracking beacons. The receiver employs a synthesized, direct-conversion architecture, covering the entire band from 138MHz to 235MHz. The numeric keypad allows direct frequency entry, and the TR-8 can store over 2000 frequencies, each with its own custom label, organized in up to 25 separate lists. You can easily scan any list or combination of lists, and you can maintain the lists directly on the TR-8 or by using the TR-8 Editor software on a PC.

Telonics TR-8 Receiver (R-1000 replacement)
Telonics TR-8 Receiver

TR-8 Quick Start Guide

TR-8 Specifications

TR-8 Editor Software

TR-8 Editor is the programming interface for the Telonics TR-8 receiver. It allows you to view and edit the lists on the TR-8. Frequencies and labels can be typed in, imported from a TPF file, copied from Microsoft Excel, or added by range.

TR-8 Editor Screenshot


Download v1.01, 2020.05.29 (setup-TR8v1.01.exe 527 kB)

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