TR-4 Channel Frequency Editor

TR-4 Channel Frequency Editor is the programming interface for the TR-4 receiver. It allows you to program the 100 TR-4 channels on your PC and send them to a TR-4, or read the existing channel settings in a TR-4. It also allows you to save or print a record of the channel assignments for a TR-4 receiver.

TR-4 Screenshot


Download v3.05, 2018.11.15 (setup-TR4v3.05.exe 1,489,475 bytes)

System Requirements

Version History

2018.11.15 What's new in version 3.05?

  1. Fixes a bug that had crashed the program to crash on startup for some Windows 10 users.
  2. Supports TSC-10A USB Cable.

2013.07.18 What's new in version 3.04?

  1. Fixes a bug that had caused versions 3.00-3.03 to read the wrong frequency for channels that were disabled (reads 483.640MHz instead of 000.000MHz).

2011.12.16 What's new in version 3.03?

  1. Requires an authorization code to read or program TR-4 receivers.

2011.12.07 What's new in version 3.02?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented users from using printers with spaces in the printer name.
  2. Adds an export feature so users can save the programming record to a text file.

2011.06.27 What's new in version 3.01?

  1. Supports communication with units that have a blank CTN.

2011.05.09 What's new in version 3.00?

  1. Supports TSC-6C USB Cable.
  2. Supports any available COM port instead of only COM1-4.
  3. Provides more-reliable communication with TR-4.
  4. Help system supports Windows® Vista and Windows® 7.
  5. Allows full printer selection instead of only LPT-1 & LPT-2.
  6. Provides a list of recently used .tr4 files.
  7. Installs start-menu shortcuts under Telonics group instead of TR-4 group.
  8. Changes application icon to the Telonics elk.

What's New in Version 2.06.0000?

  1. Bug fix: The program was not editing channels properly under Windows® XP.