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Page last updated on Wednesday March 04, 2015

Telonics Data Converter


Telonics Data Converter (TDC) converts raw data from Telonics transmitting subsystems into data reports formatted as comma-separated values (CSV). TDC generates report data using standard engineering units and associates it with the time of its acquisition. You can review TDC reports in any spreadsheet program, such as Microsoft Excel, and you can also use your own custom software to process reports electronically. In addition to generating standard CSV reports, TDC also creates files compatible with Google Earth so that you can map transmitter locations interactively. Telonics Data Converter even maintains a list of your transmitters and their data-conversion settings so you can generate new data reports efficiently throughout your study. TDC supports Telonics' current family of Argos transmitters and newest Gen4 GPS units.

Telonics Data Converter can convert raw data and create reports from the following sources:

In addition to converting raw data, TDC also performs the following tasks:

Telonics Data Converter works in concert with Telonics Product Programmer (TPP) to provide you with complete control over your transmitters and your data. TDC retrieves all required data-conversion settings for your transmitters from the TPP Parameter File(s) used to program them. Any programming changes you make using TPP become available to TDC directly through the parameter files.

Available for Download

There are two ways to download and install Telonics Data Converter. Most users should use the online installation, since it is faster and easier to install. To use the online installation, you must be connected to the Internet when you run the setup program. If you need to install TDC on a computer that does not have Internet access, you should download and burn the CD image. You can then use this CD to install TDC without an Internet connection. Remember, a Telonics license permits you to run TDC on only one computer at any given time. Concurrent use of the program on more than one computer is not permitted unless you purchase multiple licenses.

Download v2.29, 2015.03.03 (setup-TDCv2.29.exe 14,207,360 bytes) - Online Installation (Recommended)

CD Image for v2.29 (TDC2.29.iso 42,860,544 bytes) - Offline Installation

Driver Installation Instructions

Telonics Data Converter requires an authorization code for complete functionality. Without an authorization code, TDC operates in demonstration mode. Demonstration mode prevents you from generating reports, logging uplink messages, and communicating with your transmitters. You may install and evaluate TDC before purchasing a license and corresponding authorization code. TDC will assume complete functionality when you enter your authorization code in the Help->About window. If you would like to see reports that TDC generated, you may download the following sample reports:

Sample Report for Argos Transmitter

Sample Report for GPS Transmitter

Sample File for Google Earth

Purchasing TDC

Telonics has recently released a major upgrade (version 1.65 -> version 2.00); however, you will not need to obtain a new authorization code. Existing TDC authorization codes (e.g. TDCGPSV1...) will continue to work with the latest TDC release.

When you purchase Telonics Data Converter, you receive an authorization code that enables TDC support for specific Telonics product models. Listed below are the authorization codes currently available for sale. TDC will not convert data for models that you are not authorized or licensed to use. If you require TDC support for additional Telonics product models, you must purchase an additional authorization code or upgrade to the authorization code that supports all models. However, you won't need to download or install additional software. Please contact Telonics for pricing.

Authorization CodeSupported Models
TDC-GPSAll Gen4 GPS models:
Store-On-Board, GPS-Argos, Spread Spectrum (SST), Globalstar, and Iridium
TDC-ARGOSArgos transmitters (without GPS):
TAM-####, TAW-####, TAV-####, LPT-###, ST-21-200, etc.
TDC-VHFMK-11 & MK-12 beacons and Implantable Dataloggers (IDL-###)
TDC-ALLAll models


Main Screen Manage Transmitters

Sample CSV Report Download Datalog

Download Data over a Spread-Spectrum Link

Convert and Log Uplink Messages

Generated file displayed by Google Earth

Configuring Argos Services

Telonics Data Converter requires specific Argos processing options. Before your deployment begins, please contact Argos and request the following settings for your Argos Technical File:

Telonics recommends that you use ArgosDirect (formerly known as Argos Automated Distribution Service or ADS) to receive your data. When you contact Argos, please request ArgosDirect service with the following settings:

System Requirements

Operating System: Microsoft® Windows® XP/Vista/7/8
Display: 800 x 600 or greater, 256 colors or more
RAM: 32 MB available; large data conversions require more memory
Ports: TSC-4 USB cable or TSC-3 Cable & serial port to download datalog
TSC-5A USB cable for communicating with an uplink receiver

2015.03.03 What's new in version 2.29?

  1. Adds support for TGE-400H-3, TGE-401H-3, IMPTAV-2635, and IMPTAV-2645 models.
  2. Provides improved error reporting when downloading data from Argos Web Services.

2015.01.28 What's new in version 2.28?

  1. Optionally forwards priority Iridium messages to another email account or mobile phone.
  2. Adds support for downloading email continuously.
  3. Fixes a bug that had occasionally caused TDC to crash when processing TSUR-400 messages that were cut short.
  4. Reports QFP altitudes as meters above MSL, so QFP locations are now consistent with GPS locations. Previous TDC versions reported QFP altitudes as meters above the WGS-84 datum.
  5. Supports new uGPSI-24 firmware.

2014.11.26 What's new in version 2.27?

  1. Adds support for TGW-4578-3 and TGW-4678-3 models.
  2. Supports new uGPSI-24 firmware.
  3. Correctly determines activity start times during predeployment of Globalstar transmitters.

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