Manual Access Information

The following manuals are currently available for download to our customers through an approval process. If interested, please click on the link, and fill out the request form with your name, organization name, and e-mail address. Please expect your request to take roughly 24-48 hours to be fulfilled.

If you require an older version of a manual, please supply your product's CTN number along with your contact information.

Note that not every product has a manual available for download.

Please also refer to specific product descriptions on the website; some products include additional links for manuals there.

ST-21-200A User Manual
ST-21-200L User Manual
Telonics Gen4 GPS User's Manual
TA-9 User's Guide and Specifications
TR-5 Receiver Manual
TNR-3000 User Manual
TSUR-400 Receiver/Monitor Operation and Programming Manual

Legacy Product Manuals

ST-20-200A User Manual
ST-20-200T User Manual
ST-20-200V User Manual
Telonics Gen-II GPS System User's Manual
Telonics Gen-III GPS System User's Manual
Interface Specification, ST-20RF Module
Interface Specification, ST-20RF-100 Module
Telonics Model TNR-2000 Noise Reduction Unit - User Guide
CR-2a Telonics Programmable Breakaway Collar Release Manual
MODEL RA-7, 2-Element and MODEL RA-17, 3-Element RUGGEDIZED Folding VHF Directional Hand-held Antennas User's Guide and Specifications