Argos Avian Transmitters (TAV)
Argos only, without GPS

ST-26 Argos transmitter configurations designed for avian applications

Telonics is pleased to introduce the next generation of Argos Avian Transmitters. With the certification of the ST-26 Argos transmitter, the door has opened to a new generation of microminiaturized Argos systems well suited for deployment on a variety of bird species.

Key Features

  • The TAV series are Argos Transmitters (no GPS receiver).
  • Operational life is extended relative to older transmitter models, due to ultra-low quiescent current and highly efficient radio transmission circuitry.
  • Real-time clock calendar (RTC) controls all timing functions.
  • Powerful data collection and transfer capabilities allow the units to acquire, queue, and transmit temperature and activity information.
  • All products can be programmed by Telonics Product Programmer (TPP) which uses a GUI interface. TPP makes it possible for users to program their own systems and simulate performance of the system prior to deployment.
    • On-board sensors can be activated or deactivated by the user. Data collection regimes and schedules can be altered as required. Sensor data can be enhanced or deleted from Argos uplink transmissions.
    • Transmission schedules can be modified.
    • Argos ID codes can be changed.
    • Argos uplink transmission power levels can be modified to extend operational life or increase the probability of signal reception at the satellite.
    • Argos uplink frequencies can be changed to frequencies in low noise channels to increase the chances of a successful uplink.
  • Units are battery powered and can be refurbished to their original condition at the factory.
  • Shutdown with a small magnet allows users to turn each of these configurations "on" or "off". When turned "off", ST-26 based units consume less than 5.3μA. Given this low current level, users can store their units for extended periods with minimal impact on operational life.
  • Data Decoding - Data are processed using the Telonics Data Converter (TDC), which provides complete data decoding of Argos DS files and supports complete memory downloading. TDC provides a comma separated value (csv) output file with time stamps for all data collected. TDC can also be run in the "batch mode" for hands off operation.
  • TDC allows you to plot Argos locations with Google Earth.


Model Dimensions L x W x H (in, cm) Unit Weight (g) High power (mW)1 High power life (hours)2 High power temp (°C)
TAV-2617 2.53 x 0.8 x 0.33
6.43 x 2.03 x 0.84
15 250 (Typ) 233 0 to +60
TAV-2630 2.43 x 0.82 x 0.63
6.16 x 2.08 x 1.59
29 250 (Typ) 936 0 to +60
TAV-2664 2.99 x 1.30 x 0.60
7.59 x 3.3 x 1.52
~70 250 (Typ) ? ?
  1. Reduced power modules offer an increase in operational life of approximately 30%. Contact the lab for more information.
  2. Operational life expectancy is based on a continuous series of transmissions of a 4-byte Argos message at a 60-second repetition rate at 25°C.

Specifications: Electronic and Packaging

TAV-26xx ST-26 Specifications (Uses the Argos Certified Transmitter)

Timing Accuracy6 min/year at 25° C
30 min/yr -20 to +40° C
47 min/yr -40 to +70° C
Available SensorsMortality, Activity, Temperature, Low Voltage
Argos Operating FrequencyARGOS Frequencies:
401.6300MHz to 401.6800MHz in 1 kHz Steps
Brazilian SCD-1: Channels C1 to C9
401.6180MHz to 401.6220MHz in 500Hz Steps
Argos Frequency Stability±0.5 ppm maximum from -30° to +70° C
±2.0 ppm maximum from -40° to -30° C
Argos Initial Frequency Error±0.5 ppm maximum at +23°C, ±2° C
Argos Aging±2.0 ppm maximum after 1 year
Argos RF Power OutStandard Power Version:
150mW (+22.5dBm ±2dB) or 250mW (+24.0dBm ±2dB) nominal into 50 Ω
(User selectable using TPP programming software)

Note 1: At +70°C, transmit current will increase by approximately 10% from the +25° C measurement. Conversely, at -40° C it will decrease by approximately 10% from the +25° C measurement.

Note 2: Transmit current and RF power out are sensitive to VSWR. Both can be degraded significantly if the antenna or antenna coax are of poor quality or not correctly tuned and matched to the ARGOS/Brazilian frequency band 50 ohm RF output impedance.
Argos Spurs and Harmonics<-40dBc minimum, -60dBc typical (Coherent Spurious)
<-50dBc minimum, -60dBc typical (Non-coherent spurious)

TAV-26xx Packing/Housing SpecificationsDesigned for application on most birds. Units are enclosed in a polymeric casting. The external casting shell is of a contoured design to minimize aerodynamic drag. The Argos antenna assembly employs a strain-relief to avoid breakage.

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Legacy Products

The information below is provided for individuals who are still deploying these older systems. Some of the system information or limitations, information on frequency allocation or usage, and/or comments made on "state of the art" may be time sensitive or even outdated. Please contact Telonics if you have any questions about the information provided in this section.

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Service Commitment

Since 1970, Telonics has built a reputation based on product quality, product support, service, and customer satisfaction. Telonics strives to produce the highest quality products, and to support those products accordingly.

Because of extreme conditions and the unpredictable nature associated with most telemetry applications, problems occasionally arise. Most problems can be resolved quickly. In all cases, we hope to be able to work in partnership with users to resolve problems to the user's satisfaction and to uphold our demonstrated commitment to excellence. If problems should arise, all products must be returned to our factory for failure analysis.

Warranty: Argos Systems

Telonics warrants its Argos products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for the operational life of the unit up to a maximum of one year from the date acquired. Telonics does not warrant batteries.

If a defect occurs, return the equipment to us within the proper time frame at the following address: TELONICS, 932 E. IMPALA AVENUE, MESA AZ USA 85204-6699. The customer shall arrange for and pay all shipping, insurance and related charges incurred in the shipment to and from Telonics under this warranty. Damage to any equipment resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized service, extreme conditions, or other causes, is excluded from this warranty. Telonics does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to equipment during shipment. Telonics does not assume responsibility for delays resulting from shipment on commercial or private carriers. We insure all equipment shipped from our facility and suggest that shipments to Telonics also be insured.

Upon the timely return to our facility, if defective, the product will be replaced or repaired at our discretion at no cost to the customer. This remedy is the exclusive remedy. This product is supplied without any further warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability, quality or fitness for particular reason or those arising by laws, statutes or trade usage or course of dealing.

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