PRE-1000 Pre-amplifier

PRE-1000, front/back

The PRE-1000 is the latest generation Telonics Pre-Amplifier designed specifically for guitar applications. It takes the signal from the guitar, shapes the tone as required, interfaces with external effects and drives a studio mixer or power amplifier while preserving the original sound quality.


  • New master Wet/Dry fader control.
  • New switchable "Bro" effect.
  • New switchable Hum reduction function for single coil pickups.
  • New Pedal Switch jack on rear panel. Allows switching "Bro" and Reverb remotely.
  • New dual balanced XLR Direct stereo outputs (Left and Right) for stage and studio use. Includes ground lift switch.
  • New Analog modelling for Direct outs. (3-position switch: Off, Normal, and Mellow)
  • New high output headphone amp with separate volume control. Can be used as a second effects send.
  • Built in electronic reverb on both channels with common front panel level control.
  • String separation at all volume levels.
  • All pure analog. No digitization of your sound thru A/D or D/A converters.
  • Adjustable input impedance control to fine tune your sound.
  • Warm tube-like sound with crystal clear highs.
  • Ultra low noise - studio quality.
  • High headroom.
  • High output level available on demand.
  • Studio Pre EQ parallel effects with adjustable send and return levels. Can be used in stereo or mono. Rear panel mounted.
  • Overload LED indicator.
  • Special "Blend" EQ control for personalizing your tone.
  • Special Power On/Off circuit to minimize "pops" and speaker damage.
  • Super quiet Mute circuit with LED indicator.
  • Buffered tuner output. Remains active when mute is on.
  • Input jacks located both front and rear. Use only one or the other (the front panel jack auto-disconnects the rear).
  • Auxiliary stereo inputs for home practice or solo gigs with front panel level control. For CD players or a second effect return. Jacks located both front and rear.
  • Only requires 1U rack space.
  • Durable construction throughout. Made for years of trouble free use.
  • Proudly made in the U.S.A. by musicians and engineers.

For more information, download the user manual from the support section.