TGE-100 GPS-Argos/ST-14

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The TGE-100 GPS/ARGOS/ST-14 unit has been designed for oceanographic, meteorological, and climatological studies. The unit is based on the Generation II microGPSI controller, which integrates the Trimble Lassen SK8 GPS receiver and ST-14 RF Module (Argos PTT) in a small versatile configuration. The unit utilizes the Telonics TO2 Format for transmitting from 1-7 C/A code GPS positions in a single Argos 32 byte message.

The ST-14 is a 1.0 watt Certified Argos PTT RF Module. The system supports an option that can also store positions in the microGPSI nonvolatile memory in a form that allows for post processing differential correction (DGPS) of the stored positions upon recovery of the unit. DGPS positional information is not transmitted in the Argos message due to the limitations of the message length. The unit has a serial interface that allows the users to modify all user changeable parameters through the use of a Windows® based Parameter Configuration Utility (PCU) or recover data stored for differential correction using Telonics Differential Correction Utility (DCU-1). Actual differential correction requires Trimble Pathfinder Office.

The units are available for operation in the standard oceanography temperature range -10° to +50° C and in the extended temperature range of -40° to +70° C. The TGE-100 can be procured with various housing packages including a fully hermetic package designed for the most rigorous environments. Other options are available upon request. Please consult the factory for further information.

Technical Drawings

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  • Argos Certified PTT: Model CM 10001-004.
  • Data Transmission Format: Telonics TO2 Format.
  • Uplink Frequency: 401.650 MHz.
  • Storage Temperature: -55° to +80° C.
  • Voltage: +7 Vdc to + 11.0 Vdc.
  • Quiescent: < 80 microamps (70 microamps typical).
    Transmit: 750 ma max (500 typical).
    Receive: 90 ma @ 11 Vdc, 130 ma @ 7 Vdc.
  • RF Output Impedance: 50 ohms.
  • GPS Antenna: 1575.42 MHz// 25db Gain// 50ohm impedance.
  • GPS Receiver:Trimble Lassen SK8 C/A code (Standard Positioning Service) 8 parallel channel, continuous tracking receiver, 32 correlators.
  • GPS Accuracy: Position: 25 meters CEP (50%) without SA (Selective Availability).
  • DGPS Accuracy: Available only through direct download of stored data in memory.) Post processing utilizing Trimble Pathfinder Office. Position: 2 meters CEP (50%) without SA.
  • Datum: WGS-84.
  • Acquisition Rate: Cold Start <3 minutes; Warm Start <45 sec; Hot Start <12 sec.
  • Vibration (SK8 only):0.008g2 Hz 5-20 Hz; 0.05g2 /Hz 20-100 Hz.// -3dB/ octave 100-900Hz.
    Specifications comply with SAEJ1211 requirements.
  • Altitude: -400 to + 18,000 meters MSL.
  • Humidity: 90% R.H. noncondensing @ +60° C.


GEN 2 GPS User's Manual

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