TSC-5A Virtual COM Port Driver

The TSC-5A USB cable is typically used with the TSUR-400 and Telonics Data Converter (TDC). TDC contains a proprietary driver for the TSC-5A requiring no further driver installation as long as the TSC-5A is used with TDC. If, however, you wish to use the TSC-5A with programs other than TDC (e.g. Hyperterminal or other terminal emulation programs) to capture data from the TSUR-400, you may install the TSC-5A Virtual COM Port Driver, which will enable TSC-5A use with those programs.


  1. Download the TSC-5A Virtual COM Port Driver (found below).
  2. Unzip the contents of the file to a folder of your choice.
  3. Open (double click) PB009009-.pdf and familiarize yourself with the entire process before you start.
  4. Install the Virtual COM Port Driver.
  5. Note that following this procedure, the proprietary TSC-5A driver will no longer be installed. This is not a problem for TDC, since it is able to use the TSC-5A when interfaced using either the virtual COM port driver or the proprietary driver.


Download TSC-5A Virtual COM Port Driver.zip