Telonics Product Programmer - Version History

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2024.04.09 What's new in version 4.02.1875?

  1. Adds new TAV-29##, TAM-29##, and ETA-2920 models.
  2. Supports new firmware for Argos and Iridium models.

2024.01.12 What's new in version 4.01.1870?

  1. Adds support for new store-on-board models.
  2. Updates data-usage estimates for Iridium units transmitting real-time data.

2023.10.25 What's new in version 4.00.1861?

  1. Adds support for new Iridium models.

2023.10.09 What's new in version 3.99.1857?

  1. Adds TGAVS-830-4 model.

2023.08.16 What's new in version 3.99.1852?

  1. Adds support for two new Argos satellites.
  2. Installs firmware update in TMT-462-3 and TMT-464-3 models.
  3. Installs firmware update in TBTR-4370-4 trapsite transmitters.

2023.01.30 What's new in version 3.99.1835?

  1. Installs firmware update in SeaTrkr units.

2023.01.06 What's new in version 3.99.1832?

  1. The VHF beacon on new Iridium firmware has the option to report mortality regardless of VHF schedule and battery health.
  2. Adds TGM-4180-3 model.

2022.03.22 What's new in version 3.99.1806?

  1. Installs firmware update for solar Globalstar eartags.

2021.12.20 What's new in version 3.98.1791?

  1. Adds TGW-4101-4 and TGWES-4161-4 models.
  2. Provides improved support for factory users.

2021.09.03 What's new in version 3.98.1786?

  1. Displays a warning that the datalog might be filled before the study ends if the collection interval for activity, temperature, or underwater sensors is less than one minute.
  2. Adds a warning if the simulator estimates an Iridium model will fill its datalog before the battery is exhausted.
  3. Adds TGWES-4160-4 model.

2021.07.20 What's new in version 3.97.1783?

  1. Clarifies the settings for underwater summary data and individual dive data.
  2. Simulator now accounts for additional energy consumed when SeaTrkr-4375-4 units transmit multiple dive layers or dive profiles.

2021.05.03 What's new in version 3.96.1775?

  1. Installs firmware update in RDW models.

2021.03.03 What's new in version 3.95.1770?

  1. Fixes an issue that had caused previous TPP versions to report "GPS sleep threshold is invalid" when reading newer TPF files.
  2. Fixes an issue that had caused the previous TPP version (3.94.1768) to trigger some CR-5 and CR-7 releases two minutes after sending parameters. Older TPP versions did not have this issue, so there is no issue if you programmed the release with an older TPP version than 3.94. If you programmed the release with version 3.94.1768 and it did not immediately release, then the collar release is fine and the programming was successful. There is no need to reprogram.

2021.01.28 What's new in version 3.94.1768?

  1. Fixes an issue that had prevented TPP from reprogramming CR-5s that have a fast clock.
  2. Supports MK-11 TPF files that specify double or triple beeps throughout deployment.
  3. Adds TGW-4179-4 model.

2020.10.22 What's new in version 3.93.1759?

  1. Adds SeaTrkr-4371-4 model.
  2. Supports new Argos Angels satellite.

2020.06.24 What's new in version 3.92.1749?

  1. Optionally synchronizes TGW-4279-4 transmissions and GPS fixes with surfacing.

2020.05.11 What's new in version 3.91.1740?

  1. Adds ST-27-200A and ST-27-200L models.

2020.03.25 What's new in version 3.90.1736?

  1. Adds ET-9-3 model.
  2. Installs firmware update in SeaTrkr and TMT-474-4 models.
  3. Fixes an issue that had caused the export-geofence button to report Google Earth isn’t installed.

2020.01.31 What's new in version 3.89.1728?

  1. Adds TBTR-4370-4 model.

2019.10.10 What's new in version 3.88.1721?

  1. Fixes a bug that had omitted information from the Telonics server.
  2. Adds note to underwater section of TAE models indicating transmissions are not suppressed.
  3. Adds collar-writeup options and other factory support.

2019.09.19 What's new in version 3.87.1716?

  1. Adds TBT-4561-4 model.
  2. Supports multiple daily check-in messages for trapsite models.
  3. Supports new Iridium firmware.

2019.08.14 What's new in version 3.86.1712?

  1. Improves reliability of communications using TSC-9A cable.

2019.07.16 What's new in version 3.85.1707?

  1. Installs firmware update in SeaTrkr and TMT-474-4 models.

2019.06.14 What's new in version 3.84.1700?

  1. Adds TGWES-4260-4 model.

2019.05.14 What's new in version 3.83.1697?

  1. Supports GTU-004 model.

2019.05.01 What's new in version 3.82.1694?

  1. Installs firmware update in SST and some legacy store-on-board models.
  2. Supports GTU-004 model.

2019.04.15 What's new in version 3.81.1685?

  1. Adds VTU-001 and GTU-4177-4 models.
  2. Supports new Iridium firmware.

2019.02.06 What's new in version 3.80.1681?

  1. Supports the newly commissioned Argos satellite, METOP-C.
  2. Synchronizes Iridium TPF files with Telonics when an Internet connection is available.

2018.11.15 What's new in version 3.79.1674?

  1. Store-On-Board, Argos, Globalstar, and VHF models now include collar details.
  2. Adds TGW-4770-4 and TGW-4777-4 models.

2018.09.25 What's new in version 3.78.1672?

  1. Updates collar-writeup section for factory users.

2018.08.23 What's new in version 3.77.1668?

  1. Supports TSC-9A cable.
  2. Supports the 210+ MHz frequency range on store-on-board and Globalstar models.
  3. Simulator displays Iridium transmit interval.
  4. Simulator accounts for energy of SeaTrkr-4375-4 pressure measurements.
  5. Iridium TPF files now include collar details.
  6. Provides option to send Iridium commands to multiple units at once.

2018.04.05 What's new in version 3.76.1653?

  1. Provides cost estimates for new Iridium service plan.
  2. Supports transmitting specific dive times on SeaTrkr models.
  3. Supports pressure data on the SeaTrkr-4375-4 model.
  4. Adds TMT-472-4, TMT-474-4, and TGW-4260-4 models.

2018.01.15 What's new in version 3.75.1650?

  1. Supports new firmware for Iridium models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had displayed an error message about different purchased options when sending certain TPF files over the Iridium link.

2017.10.20 What's new in version 3.74.1645?

  1. Adds option for TGW Globalstar models to delay transmissions during periods of inactivity.
  2. Marks several models as legacy.

2017.09.14 What's new in version 3.73.1637?

  1. Reorganizes CR-5 and CR-7 settings. Adds programming warnings.
  2. Adds SeaTrkr-4370-4 model.

2017.07.25 What's new in version 3.72.1635?

  1. Fixes an issue that had prevented TPP from sending a TPF file over the Iridium link.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented the previous TPP version from opening a TPF file for LPT models.

2017.06.29 What's new in version 3.71.1632?

  1. Installs new firmware in Globalstar models.

2017.06.16 What's new in version 3.70.1627?

  1. Supports new firmware for Iridium models.
  2. Installs new firmware in RDW-665 model.
  3. Adds TGW-4000-4 and TGW-4200-4 models.

2017.05.18 What's new in version 3.69.1623?

  1. Installs new firmware in "-4" Iridium models.
  2. Adds CR-5A, CR-5B, CR-7A, CR-7B, and TBTR-4360-4 models.
  3. Provides battery-life estimates for TAM and TAV models that have a transmission limit.

2017.03.31 What's new in version 3.68.1619?

  1. Improved support for evaluation users.

2017.03.22 What's new in version 3.68.1618?

  1. Installs new firmware in RDW models.

2017.03.14 What's new in version 3.67.1611?

  1. Downloads mortality events from VHF beacons (SECO1610 or newer firmware required).
  2. Displays battery-life estimates for CR-5 and CR-7 units.

2017.02.17 What's new in version 3.66.1606?

  1. Supports new Argos IDs.
  2. Installs new firmware in ST-21-200 models to support new Argos IDs.
  3. Provides simplified interface for programming Recon units.
  4. Adds TBT-4560-4 model.

2017.01.12 What's new in version 3.65.1602?

  1. Installs new firmware in Iridium units.
  2. Adds TGW-4579-4 and TGW-4679-4 models.

2016.12.16 What's new in version 3.64.1593?

  1. Adds RECON-4460-4, TGW-4060-4, TGW-4065-4, TGW-4160-4, and TGW-4260-4 models.

2016.11.18 What's new in version 3.63.1586?

  1. Adds RECON-4560-4, RECON-4660-4, and TGW-4100-4 models.
  2. Sends Iridium commands automatically without having to send an email.
  3. Fixes a bug that had prevented users from editing the VHF schedule for inside the geofence.

2016.09.23 What's new in version 3.61.1583?

  1. Provides support for sending TPF files over the Iridium link (requires new firmware).
  2. Corrects battery-life estimates for Iridium configurations that transmit at a specific time of day.
  3. Select models can adjust the saltwater-detection threshold.
  4. Adds RECON-4561-3 and RECON-4661-3 models.

2016.08.23 What's new in version 3.60.1582?

  1. Adds IMP-310-2, IMP-310-3, TVIT-310-2, TVIT-310-3, TVIT-311-2, and TVIT-311-3 models.

2016.08.04 What's new in version 3.59.1579?

  1. Overpass predictions now account for the new SARAL orbit. The SARAL satellite changed its orbit in July 2016. Units programmed with previous TPP versions to predict overpasses may experience reduced hits for the SARAL satellite.
  2. Adds TAV-2664 and TAV-2665 models.

2016.06.24 What's new in version 3.58.1577?

  1. Adds TGWR-4500-3, TGWR-4570-4, and TGWR-4577-4 models.
  2. Moves the command to trigger a CR-5 release via Iridium to a separate window.

2016.05.06 What's new in version 3.57.1573?

  1. Supports new firmware for "-4" Iridium models.

2016.04.29 What's new in version 3.56.1571?

  1. Supports new ST-27 firmware that can limit selected dives and count lunges.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP versions 3.54.1565 and v3.55.1569 from reading parameters from Globalstar units.
  3. Adds TGW-4170-4, TGW-4177-4, and TGW-4178-4 models.
  4. Includes a new digital signature to avoid Internet Explorer warnings when downloading and installing the application.

2016.04.05 What's new in version 3.55.1569?

  1. Adds RDW-660 and RDW-665 models.

2016.03.14 What's new in version 3.54.1566?

  1. Displays which CR-5 options are installed in the TPF file.
  2. Displays which temperature option number is installed in MK-11 and MK-12 TPF files.
  3. Supports new firmware for VHF models that have replaceable batteries.
  4. Supports new firmware and features for GPS-ARGOS models.

2016.02.29 What's new in version 3.53.1562?

  1. Supports TAE-4310-3, TAE-4410-3, and TAE-4510-3 models.

2016.01.08 What's new in version 3.51.1555?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2015.12.23 What's new in version 3.50.1552?

  1. Adds several "-3" VHF models.

2015.12.10 What's new in version 3.49.1550?

  1. Supports new firmware for RDW models.

2015.10.28 What's new in version 3.48.1546?

  1. Adds TGE-4510-3 model.
  2. Supports ST-27 models that can transmit dive-duration histograms.

2015.10.09 What's new in version 3.46.1538?

  1. Supports new firmware and settings for "-4" models.
  2. Fixes battery-life estimates for LB-65-2 and LB-66-2 models.

2015.08.24 What's new in version 3.45.1534?

  1. Supports new firmware and settings for "-4" models.

2015.08.06 What's new in version 3.43.1529?

  1. Fixes a bug that had caused the previous TPP version (3.43.1526) to display incorrect consumption percentages for GPS-Argos systems that predicted satellite overpasses.

2015.08.03 What's new in version 3.43.1526?

  1. Adds support for “-4” Iridium models.
  2. Improves the accuracy of overpass predictions for the SARAL satellite.
  3. The magnet-finder window beeps when a magnet is detected.
  4. Fixes a bug that had prevented the Geofence window from detecting that the latest Google Earth version was installed.
  5. Adds support for RDW-640 and RDW-645 models.

2015.06.10 What's new in version 3.42.1518?

  1. Adds support for new IDL models and ST-27 models.

2015.04.27 What's new in version 3.39.1509?

  1. Changes the default resolution for Iridium GPS data to one meter.

2015.03.12 What's new in version 3.38.1506?

  1. Upgrades firmware for a customer.

2015.03.02 What's new in version 3.38.1501?

  1. Adds IMPTAV-2635 and IMPTAV-2645 models.
  2. Adds support for new MK-11 and MK-12 firmware.

2015.01.27 What's new in version 3.37.1495?

  1. Adds TGW-4570B-3, TGW-4577B-3, TGW-4578B-3, TGW-4579B-3, TGW-4670B-3, TGW-4677B-3, TGW-4678B-3, and TGW-4679B-3 models. These models can optionally start using the VHF battery at deployment instead of reserving it until GPS/Iridium battery is depleted.
  2. Adds ET-8-1 and ET-8-2 models.

2014.12.12 What's new in version 3.36.1491?

  1. Fixes a bug that had caused the previous TPP version (3.35.1487) to display incorrect conservative life estimates for some GPS/Argos and Argos TPF files.

2014.11.21 What's new in version 3.35.1487?

  1. Adds TGW-4578-3 and TGW-4678-3 models, which have the dual-probe SWS.
  2. Adds support for transmitting real-time Iridium data.
  3. Provides an estimate of remaining battery capacity after a schedule change.
  4. Corrects simulator battery-life and data-usage estimates for Iridium models that support geofences and auxiliary schedule sets.

2014.10.01 What's new in version 3.34.1479?

  1. Adds TAVS-2615 model.
  2. Supports a custom threshold for transmitted horizontal-error estimates.

2014.08.29 What's new in version 3.33.1478?

  1. Upgrades the firmware of some MK-11 and MK-12 beacons.
  2. Adds support for TBT-550-1 model.

2014.07.21 What's new in version 3.32.1473?

  1. Revises battery-life estimates of MK-11 and MK-12 beacons.
  2. ST-21-200L, ST-21H-200L, and ST-21H2-200L models support location-only messages that are the minimum or maximum transmission length.

2014.07.08 What's new in version 3.31.1470?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.06.19 What's new in version 3.31.1466?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from downloading ephemeris from the web after NOAA 16 was decommissioned on June 9th, 2014.
  2. Supports new ST-21 firmware.
  3. Battery-life simulator accounts for units with schedules that cause the VHF battery to die before the GPS battery.
  4. Adds support for TGW-4577-3 and TGW-4677-3, which are Iridium models that support geofences and auxiliary schedule sets.
  5. Reorganizes Iridium settings in TPP.
  6. Revises battery-life estimates for Iridium models.
  7. Generates emails for commanding Iridium units.
  8. Fixes a bug that had displayed the wrong offset for VHF models that had multi-segment graphs.
  9. Prints TPF files with the same color scheme displayed in TPP.
  10. Adds TAM-2640 model.

2014.04.28 What's new in version 3.30.1464?

  1. Revises battery-life estimates for Globalstar models.
  2. Adds support for LB-66-2 model.

2014.04.10 What's new in version 3.29.1462?

  1. Provides option to disable Iridium priority messages.

2014.03.31 What's new in version 3.28.1461?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.03.26 What's new in version 3.27.1459?

  1. Upgrades firmware of uGPSI-24 Iridium units.

2014.03.19 What's new in version 3.26.1456?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.03.12 What's new in version 3.25.1455?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.03.10 What's new in version 3.24.1452?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.02.25 What's new in version 3.23.1449?

  1. Adds TGW-4588H-3, TGW-4688H-3, TAW-4318H-3, and TAW-4618H-3 models.
  2. Supports a single GPS authorization code for Store-On-Board units, GPS-Argos, SST, Globalstar, and Iridium transmitters.

2014.01.29 What's new in version 3.22.1446?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2014.01.15 What's new in version 3.21.1442?

  1. Adds TBT-503-1, TBTR-100-1, TMB-503-1, and TMBR-100-1 models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented users from programming MK-12 units with the auto-tune option.
  3. Fixes a bug that had prevented users from reading in MK-11/12 beacons from the Unit section.
  4. Sets the default start date for advanced schedules and expected locations to Jan 1st of the current year.
  5. Displays a warning if the first season of an advanced schedule starts after today's date.
  6. Displays warnings and errors in red text.

2013.11.20 What's new in version 3.20.1439?

  1. Adds MOD-515-1 model.

2013.11.05 What's new in version 3.19.1435?

  1. Updates the placement of the popup windows for creating seasons and on periods.
  2. Indicates that the MetOp-B satellite has low sensitivity and is not recommended for use.

2013.10.22 What's new in version 3.18.1429?

  1. Accounts for new Iridium price plans.
  2. Supports uGPSI-24 models that collect saltwater-switch data.
  3. Supports optional log memory on MK-11 and MK-12 beacons.

2013.08.28 What's new in version 3.17.1423?

  1. Adds TGW-4760-3 model.
  2. Globalstar simulator provides estimates for configurations that do not transmit all data at least once.
  3. Supports new firmware for the TGS-6C model.

2013.08.07 What's new in version 3.16.1419?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from reading parameters from some uGPSI-23 units running SECO1354 firmware or older.
  2. The update-ephemeris feature now supports units that were predicting overpasses for the decommissioned satellite NOAA 17.

2013.07.15 What's new in version 3.15.1411?

  1. Supports new firmware.

2013.07.03 What's new in version 3.14.1409?

  1. All Unit-menu commands are available without having to select the model first.

2013.06.19 What's new in version 3.13.1406?

  1. Supports new MK-11/12 firmware for IDL-750 model.

2013.06.05 What's new in version 3.12.1405?

  1. Revises the estimated monthly costs for Globalstar transmitters.
  2. Adds support for the TSC-7A USB cable.

2013.05.22 What's new in version 3.11.1403?

  1. Revises the estimated monthly costs for Globalstar transmitters.
  2. Changes the default message length of Globalstar transmissions to 72 bytes.

2013.05.10 What's new in version 3.10.1400?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented version 3.09.1395 from programming MK-11 and MK-12 models.
  2. Supports MK-12 models that are tuned for a short antenna.

2013.04.29 What's new in version 3.09.1395?

  1. Removes decommissioned NOAA-17 satellite.
  2. Adds MetOp-B and SARAL satellites.
  3. Supports IDL-750 model.

2013.03.27 What's new in version 3.08.1390?

  1. Adds support for TMT-4310-3 model.

2013.03.01 What's new in version 3.07.1385?

  1. Adds support for TMT-4325-3 model.
  2. Supports new uGPSI-23 firmware.
  3. Supports new MK-11 and MK-12 firmware.
  4. Displays the off-period pulse period only when the VHF beacon has a duty cycle.

2013.01.28 What's new in version 3.06.1380?

  1. Provides update for Globalstar support.

2013.01.22 What's new in version 3.06.1378?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2013.01.21 What's new in version 3.06.1377?

  1. Estimates Globalstar monthly cost per transmitter.
  2. Off period VHF pulsing is now optional on Globalstar models.

2013.01.14 What's new in version 3.05.1374?

  1. Estimates the number of times each data record is transmitted via Globalstar.
  2. Supports TGW-4000-2 and TGW-4100-2 models.

2012.12.03 What's new in version 3.04.1371?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP version 3.03.1368 from opening TPF files for the TMT-460 model.

2012.11.05 What's new in version 3.03.1368?

  1. Supports new uGPSI-23 firmware.
  2. Relocates RF power setting for async models.

2012.09.25 What's new in version 3.02.1363?

  1. Adds support for Globalstar transmitters.
  2. Adds support for Iridium transmitters.
  3. Optionally allows TGW-44##-3 and TAW-42##-3 models to start using the recovery battery after the main battery is depleted.
  4. Supports custom message formats for last-N Argos data.
  5. Displays a CR-2A release date on the TGW-4200-2 model.
  6. Supports new firmware for uGPSI-23 models.
  7. Permits MK-11 and MK-12 models to have mortality delays less than an hour.
  8. The simulator section lets users select a location by clicking a world map.

2012.07.09 What's new in version 2.91.1351?

  1. Adds support for TTA-4610-3 model.
  2. Updates battery-life estimates for MK-12 units with the low-power option.
  3. Warns the user when programming a unit if the datalog is almost full.

2012.04.30 What's new in version 2.90.1350?

  1. Provides the ability to open the TPF file associated with a datalog.
  2. Displays a warning message when a VHF pulse width less than 15 ms is selected.
  3. Fixes the voltage measurements displayed after the user presses the "Tx & Get Voltage" button on the Control Panel.

2012.04.13 What's new in version 2.89.1348?

  1. Supports new MK-11/12 firmware.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from displaying battery-life estimates for some QFP-only deployments.
  3. Provides an improved control panel to test units.

2012.03.05 What's new in version 2.88.1341?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from reading user parameters from "-3" models.
  2. Displays a separate QFP pulse period when QFP is purchased.

2012.02.07 What's new in version 2.87.1338?

  1. Adds support for "-3" models.
  2. Fixes battery-life estimates for deployments that use a recovery date.
  3. Displays the save timestamp in TPF records.

2011.12.14 What's new in version 2.86.1333?

  1. Supports models with VHF beacons that can optionally be disabled at the factory.

2011.12.07 What's new in version 2.85.1331?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP (versions 2.76.1300-2.84.1327) from communicating with units shipped before 2007.02.14.

2011.11.22 What's new in version 2.84.1327?

  1. Fixed a bug that had prevented TPP from detecting a conflict between input #1 and single-input states on the TGS-6 model.
  2. Supports TMT-482-2 and GEN4A-GPS-TDD models.
  3. Sends simulator parameters to ST-21, TGS-6, uGPSI-20-SST, uGPSI-21, uGPSI-22, and uGPSI-23 models.
  4. Optionally displays battery-life estimates relative to the scheduled CR-2A release date.
  5. Supports new ST-21 firmware.

2011.10.21 What's new in version 2.82.1322?

  1. Adds support for TGW-4400B-2 model.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented versions 2.80 and 2.81 from reading parameters from TGS-6B and TGS-6C models.
  3. Fixes a bug that had prevented versions 2.80 and 2.81 from estimating TAW-4110 battery life.
  4. Displays VHF life estimate for QFP locations only if the unit is configured to collect QFP locations.

2011.10.18 What's new in version 2.81.1320?

  1. Adds support for TAV-2631, TAV-2657, and several VHF models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented the previous TPP version from opening TPF files from some TGW-4200-2, TGE-401, and TGE-401-2 units.

2011.10.07 What's new in version 2.80.1318?

  1. Provides new message-field formats for uGPSI-22 models that transmit dive durations.
  2. Adds IMPTAV-2640 and ST-21H2-250L models.
  3. Remains responsive while calculating battery life and updating satellite predictions.
  4. Starts up much quicker than previous TPP versions.
  5. Provides a feature to check for updates.

2011.09.06 What's new in version 2.79.1313?

  1. Programs TGE-401-2 models to skip the 20-hour VHF-only period on power up.

2011.08.25 What's new in version 2.78.1310?

  1. Supports TGW-4500B-2 model.
  2. Provides an estimate of how full the datalog will be at the end of battery life.

2011.07.18 What's new in version 2.77.1304?

  1. Supports new battery pack for TDL-4100 model.
  2. Changes VHF battery estimates for TGM-4685 and TGM-4685-2 models.
  3. Supports new SST firmware.
  4. Eliminates low-power VHF option.
  5. Provides a time-of-week display for SST schedules.

2011.07.01 What's new in version 2.76.1300?

  1. Adds support for TDL-4100 and TAV-2618 models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from estimating the battery life of some TGW-4200-2 units.

2011.06.20 What's new in version 2.75.1297?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from reading parameters from some uGPSI-20s running firmware SECO1198.
  2. Supports new uGPSI-22 firmware.

2011.05.16 What's new in version 2.74.1284?

  1. Adds a feature to export a list of satellite overpasses to a CSV file.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented previous versions from storing settings for the Argos Predictor.

2011.05.05 What's new in version 2.73.1279?

  1. Adds ST-21H2 models.
  2. Programs SST models.
  3. Provides improved warning messages for units programmed not to operate after a certain date.
  4. Optionally uninstalls previous TPP versions.
  5. Adds the ability to clear the Argos ID on the connected unit.

2011.03.09 What's new in version 2.72.1278?

  1. Distributes new USB drivers.
  2. Supports new firmware.
  3. Fixes uGPSI-22H battery-life predictions.
  4. Changes the presentation of the parameters for battery strategy, GPS strategy, and partial pages.
  5. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from reading parameters from TGM and TAM uGPSI-22 models.

2011.02.09 What's new in version 2.71.1274?

  1. Fixes TGW-4600-2 model.
  2. Fixes simulator bugs that had prevented previous TPP versions from accurately predicting VHF battery life for uGPSI-22 models ("-2" models).
  3. Fixes a bug that had caused previous TPP version to crash when user switches battery strategies before setting a VHF schedule.
  4. Adds support for TGW-4589H-2 and TAW-4319H-2 models.
  5. Includes a toolbar button to check for the presence of the magnet.

2011.01.26 What's new in version 2.70.1271?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented the "read-in" feature (new to version 2.69.1267) from reading-in multiple units.
  2. Adds support for the TAE-4310 model.

2011.01.21 What's new in version 2.69.1267?

  1. Programs TGE-401 models to skip the 20-hour VHF-only period on power up.
  2. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from reading parameters from uGPSI-20 models that had the temperature schedule linked to Argos transmissions.
  3. Supports several new models.
  4. Provides a feature to "read-in" settings into the unit section, making it easier to add units to a TPF file.
  5. Requires users to enter the CTN before programming a unit.
  6. Provides a warning to help users select the ideal number of bits for transmitting activity data.

2010.12.07 What's new in version 2.68.1254?

  1. Corrects installation paths of desktop and start-menu shortcuts.
  2. Adds support for TGW-4200-2 model.
  3. Displays a warning line when the TPF file has a programmed end of life.
  4. Removes the menu choice that automatically fills the datalog on the attached unit
  5. Provides a menu choice to check the firmware version of the GPS receiver.

2010.10.25 What's new in version 2.67.1249?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from estimating battery life for TGS-6C units using the geofence feature.

2010.10.22 What's new in version 2.66.1248?

  1. Adds a feature to check the unit for the presence of a magnet.
  2. Adds a feature to check the current datalog usage on the unit.
  3. Provides an improved help system for TGS-6B and TGS-6C models.

2010.10.13 What's new in version 2.65.1244?

  1. Displays the satellite histogram in the TPF record.

2010.08.25 What's new in version 2.64.1237?

  1. Supports new TGS-6 firmware.

2010.08.18 What's new in version 2.63.1233?

  1. Installs USB drivers for TSC-4A, TSC-4B, and TSC-4C USB cables.
  2. Provides more-conservative estimates of TGW-4501 and TGW-4601 battery life.
  3. Fixes an ST-21-200A bug that had caused the unit to ignore the selected power level and transmit at 500mW.
  4. Fixes an ST-21H-200A bug that had caused the unit to ignore the selected power level and transmit at 800mW.

2010.08.10 What's new in version 2.62.1230?

  1. Supports new firmware.

2010.05.05 What's new in version 2.58.1213?

  1. Adds support for TAM-2638 and TAM-2639 models.
  2. Identifies legacy models and separates these models from regular models.
  3. Provides increased battery-life estimates for TGW-4483H, TGW-4583, and TGW-4583H models.

2010.04.20 What's new in version 2.57.1209?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented previous TPP versions from supporting VHF pulse widths of 10-14ms.
  2. Supports several new models.
  3. Adds "compressed maximum dive depths" and "last-N maximum dive depths" fields to the µGPSI-20 product family.

2010.02.02 What's new in version 2.56.1205?

  1. Adds new message format for compressed activity counters.
  2. Provides more-conservative estimates of battery life for the TGW-4583H model.

2009.12.22 What's new in version 2.55.1196?

  1. Provides support for Argos IDs larger than 100000.
  2. Displays a warning when the user enables satellite prediction without also enabling the prediction-failsafe mode.

2009.11.17 What's new in version 2.54.1190?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from properly sending and retrieving parameters with mortality time intervals longer than 18 hours.

2009.11.13 What's new in version 2.53.1188?

  1. Adds a button to update the ephemeris on units (no authorization code required).
  2. Provides battery-life estimates that assume the user will update ephemeris before deployment.
  3. Detects available COM ports instead of displaying only COM1-9.
  4. Adds TGW-4583H and TAW-4313H models.
  5. Adds a new authorization code to support all models.
  6. Provides more room for complicated schedules on units that do not predict overpasses.
  7. Fixes a bug that had sized the main window too small the first time the user runs TPP.
  8. Hides page-specific settings when the unit doesn't transmit page data.

2009.09.09 What's new in version 2.52.1181?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP versions 2.50.1172 and 2.51.1179 from correctly accounting for activity data in the simulator section.
  2. Provides additional message formats for activity counters and underwater percentages.

2009.09.03 What's new in version 2.51.1179?

  1. Provides additional message formats for fix delays and underwater percentages.
  2. Changes the default transmission-success ratio from 50% to 20%.
  3. Help system provides an updated graph of clock drift.

2009.08.04 What's new in version 2.50.1172?

  1. Adds support for NOAA-19 (N-Prime).
  2. Supports new marine models with pressure sensors.
  3. Supports new uGPSI-20 firmware.
  4. Supports a dive reference time.
  5. Limits number of dive pages in Argos message.
  6. Accounts for dive data in the simulations of uplink status.
  7. Estimates the transmission percentage for each page type.
  8. Enforces a minimum update period for GPS schedules.
  9. Verifies that ST-20s store the correct time after a communication session.

2009.06.29 What's new in version 2.49.1165?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2009.06.22 What's new in version 2.48.1164?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.
  2. Supports new models and new firmware.

2009.06.02 What's new in version 2.47.1160?

  1. Adds support for TAW-4110 and A-2025BH models.
  2. Provides adjustable ratios for transmission success and QFP locations to improve simulations.
  3. Fixes a bug that had caused the simulator to skip some of the predicted satellite overpasses.
  4. Adds buttons to select or deselect all satellites.

2009.04.09 What's new in version 2.45.1156?

  1. Supports the LPT-145 model.
  2. Keeps a list of recently opened TPF Files.
  3. Removes the "number of times to transmit each page" parameter.
  4. The simulator no longer applies the underwater percentage to GPS fixes.
  5. Provides better support for marine models with disabled VHF beacons.
  6. Fixes a bug that had occasionally caused TPP to crash when predicting satellite overpasses.

2009.02.09 What's new in version 2.43.1153?

  1. Provides improved support for factory users.

2009.02.05 What's new in version 2.42.1151?

  1. Adds support for new models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had occasionally caused TPP to display a unit-status message after a communication failure.

2008.12.09 What's new in version 2.41.1148?

  1. Provides a status bar.
  2. Displays a message after successfully updating parameters.
  3. Provides more-accurate simulations of uplink status.

2008.12.02 What's new in version 2.40.1146?

  1. Adds support for new models.
  2. Provides an improved help system with connection instructions.
  3. Provides revised uplink-status simulations for transmitters that send activity or temperature data.

2008.10.01 What's new in version 2.39.1141?

  1. Fixes a bug that had prevented the previous release of TPP (2.38.1139) from opening parameter files for TGE-400, TGE-401, and GEN4-GPS-TDD models.
  2. Updates VHF battery-life estimates to account for modes that do not follow the VHF schedule.

2008.09.15 What's new in version 2.38.1139?

  1. Adds support for TAW-4610H with saltwater switch.
  2. Supports new uGPSI-20 firmware.
  3. Fixes a bug that had prevented users from changing the low-voltage threshold of uGPSI-20s.

2008.08.29 What's new in version 2.37.1137?

  1. Provides updated help system.
  2. Shows the model-selection window when TPP starts.

2008.08.22 What's new in version 2.36.1131?

  1. Supports TGE-400s and TGE-401s with temperature sensors.
  2. Supports TGW-4784 model.
  3. Supports new uGPSI-20 and ST-26 firmware.
  4. Limits the message length and the minimum transmit temperature of ST-26 models.
  5. Provides updated battery-life estimates.

2008.06.26 What's new in version 2.35.1129?

  1. Supports new models.
  2. Better support for PCs connected to multiple monitors.
  3. Updates estimated battery life and operational range of TAV-2617 model.
  4. Fixes a bug that had prevented Windows® Vista users from modifying the customer section of the parameter file.

2008.06.05 What's new in version 2.34.1127?

  1. Supports new models.
  2. Fixes a bug that had caused TPP to use the wrong failsafe timeout after reading parameters from an async model.
  3. Fixes a bug that could have caused TPP version 2.33.1119 to use an incorrect activity sensitivity for ST-26 models.
  4. Adds a section to identify the customer.
  5. Adds a separate battery-life estimate that does not utilize satellite predictions.

2008.05.14 What's new in version 2.33.1119?

  1. Supports new models.
  2. Combines activity and mortality sections.
  3. Supports QFP data.
  4. Supports a faster repetition rate during predeployment.
  5. Fixes a bug that had prevented TPP from programming TMT-460 models.

2008.04.25 What's new in version 2.32.1116?

  1. Renames the TAM-118 and TAM-119 models to TAM-2618 and TAM-2619.
  2. Adds support for TGW-4680H model.

2008.04.21 What's new in version 2.31.1112?

  1. Adjusts VHF battery-life estimates.
  2. Reorders sections of the uGPSI-20 model.
  3. Adds support for TGAV-4100, TAM-118, and TAM-119 models.
  4. Supports new firmware.

2008.04.03 What's new in version 2.30.1108?

  1. Fixed a bug that had prevented previous TPP version (2.29.1106) from programming units to transmit last-N dive profiles, last-N layer percentages, or last-N remote-analog values.

2008.04.02 What's new in version 2.29.1106?

  1. Corrects uGPSI-20 battery-life estimates for high-power and low-power VHF transmissions.
  2. Corrects TGW-4100 VHF battery-life estimates.
  3. Supports ST-26 avian models.
  4. Updates battery-life estimates for the TAV-2630 model.
  5. Displays Argos transmission power in milliwatts instead of "low" or "high" levels.
  6. Provides a simulator to estimate the amount of page data that is successfully uplinked to Argos.

2008.03.20 What's new in version 2.28.1104?

  1. More responsive than previous TPP release (2.27.1101).
  2. Corrects VHF battery-life estimates of uGPSI-20 models.
  3. Identifies gaps between seasons.

2008.03.12 What's new in version 2.27.1101?

  1. Improved display of "simple" seasons.
  2. Updated header and footer on TPF printouts.
  3. Better support for PCs connected to multiple monitors.
  4. Improved detection of invalid configurations.
  5. Fixes a bug that had caused some uGPSI-20 models to stay in mortality mode.

2008.02.28 What's new in version 2.26.1096?

  1. Fixed a bug that had affected the VHF power levels (Low, Medium, High) on GPS models. This bug affected only version 2.25.1093.

2008.02.27 What's new in version 2.25.1093?

  1. Updated battery-life estimates for avian transmitters and GPS models.
  2. Supports digital-input persistence on TAS-150 and TCB-620 models.
  3. Simplified VHF power levels (Low, Medium, High) on GPS models.
  4. Improved simulator section with more-descriptive warnings.
  5. Clarified terminology in the activity and mortality sections.

2008.01.29 What's new in version 2.24.1087?

  1. Fixed a bug that had prevented the previous TPP version (2.23.1085) from using the mortality sensor of the A-3610 model.

2008.01.17 What's new in version 2.23.1085?

  1. Corrected battery-life estimates for ST-21 models.
  2. Added support for uGPSI-20 models.
  3. Added digital-input persistence.
  4. Added the ability to disable GPS prediction after failing to receive a sucessful fix.
  5. Added a horizontal-error field that estimates the accuracy of the GPS position.
  6. Added support for underwater data to A-3610 model.

2007.12.19 What's new in version 2.22.1080?

  1. Added the ST-21-200A model.
  2. Improved reliability of communicating with the unit.

2007.11.12 What's new in version 2.21.1072?

  1. Added support for ST-26 models. Previous version (2.20.1070) does not support these models.
  2. Fixed a bug that had prevented previous versions of TPP from removing program files during uninstallation.
  3. Marked the NOAA-12 satellite as decommissioned.
  4. Removed the predeploy-after-reboot option from models that do not use this option.

2007.11.08 What's new in version 2.20.1070?

  1. Added support for ST-26 models.

2007.08.07 What's new in version 2.19.1058?

  1. Supports MetOp-A satellite.
  2. Prevents users from disabling partial-page transmissions on the uGPSI-18.

2007.07.18 What's new in version 2.18.1052?

  1. Supports the TMT-480 model.
  2. Programs units to use any Argos frequency between 401.630 and 401.680 MHz instead of using a limited set of predefined channels.
  3. Supports 3 digital inputs on the TAS-150, TGS-5, and TCB-620 transmitters.
  4. Improved feedback when updating ephemeris.
  5. Supports motion detection on the TCB-620 transmitter.

2007.06.20 What's new in version 2.17.1048?

  1. Added the TCB-620 model.

2007.05.31 What's new in version 2.16.1045?

  1. Added the following new models: ST-20-200T, ST-20-200V, and ST-20-SA.

2007.05.14 What's new in version 2.15.1041?

  1. Supports TPFs with up to 32 layers.
  2. Removed the ability to download datalogs.
  3. Simplified parameters in the units section of the ST-20-200A transmitter.
  4. Improved responsiveness in the timeline and schedule windows.
  5. Reorganized VHF parameters for the uGPSI-18.
  6. Supports new uGPSI-18 firmware.
  7. Improved window for selecting/changing models.

2007.03.23 What's new in version 2.14.1019?

  1. Added a simplified option for estimating the battery life of units with custom batteries.
  2. Added support for units that use an improved communication protocol. Previous versions of TPP cannot communicate with these newer units. (Previous TPP versions issue the following error message when trying to communicate with these units: "The unit didn't give the proper response to a message from the PC.")

2007.02.14 What's new in version 2.13.1017?

  1. Added support for Windows® Vista.
  2. Fixed a memory leak and memory-management problem that caused TPP to crash.
  3. Prevented units from behaving erratically under corrupt parameters.

2007.01.30 What's new in version 2.12.1016?

  1. Fixed a bug that affected parameter timestamps.
  2. Fixed a bug that prevented TPP from downloading parameter files from certain models.
  3. Added the LPT-125 model.

2007.01.26 What's new in version 2.11.1015?

  1. Streamlined interface for viewing satellite activity (Argos Predictor).
  2. The graphical view of a schedule and the timeline window display individual satellites.
  3. Added a histogram window to view satellite activity for the time of day.
  4. Improved scrolling and zooming within the timeline window.
  5. Improved error detection.
  6. Fixed numerous bugs that affected satellite prediction and battery-life estimates.
  7. Fixed TPP so that it clears parameter timestamps after you change the file.
  8. Improved the saving mechanism so that you are prompted to save only when you have actually changed the parameter file.
  9. Added simulator support for dual-battery units.
  10. Added an option to predict satellite passes for the estimated battery life.
  11. The simulator now provides optimistic and conservative estimates.
  12. Added support for new "ST-20-200L" transmitter.
  13. Eliminated parameters that were not necessary for a particular model (e.g. underwater parameters for a terrestrial unit).
  14. Improved user interface for enabling/disabling sections.

2006.10.19 What's new in version 2.10.1005?

  1. Provides improved error checking and reporting of two-line-element satellite files
  2. Adds support for a new format of two-line-element satellite files
  3. Identifies decommissioned satellites in the "argos satellite window"

2006.07.27 What's new in version 2.10.0991?

  1. Adds support for new A-118 and A-119 transmitters
  2. Fixes bug in battery-life calculation for transmitters sending exactly 32, 64, 96, 128, 160, 192, or 224 bits in each Argos message.

2006.06.09 What's new in version 2.08.0979?

  1. Improved support for TGS-5 transmitter
  2. Added new Argos message formats for GPS headings and speeds

2006.05.19 What's new in version 2.07.0977?

  1. Adds "Last N fix times" to the data available for Argos transmissions
  2. Adds various new features for TGS-5 transmitter

2006.03.06 What's new in version 2.06.0967?

  1. Improves datalog downloading reliability
  2. Permits activity-measurement interval of "disabled"

2005.09.23 What's new in version 2.04.0956?

  1. Adds support for new TGS-5 transmitter
  2. Allows Windows® 2000/XP to search inside *.TPF files

2005.08.01 What's new in version 2.03.0947?

  1. Prevents user from activating onboard satellite prediction without providing satellite ephemeris
  2. Allows user to configure Argos message to contain multiple fixed-data fields of the same type
  3. Treats one-bit activity counter as orientation/tip switch

2005.05.05 What's new in version 2.02.0933?

  1. Improved battery-life estimations for new GPS Argos transmitters

2005.03.24 What's new in version 2.01.0924?

  1. Added support for new GPS Argos transmitters
  2. Reorganized information in the windows to make creating parameter files easier
  3. Eliminated support for the RM-2000 in order to simplify TPP (RM-2000 users should use the previous version of TPP)
  4. Improved battery-life estimations

2005.01.19 What's new in version 1.09.0912?

  1. Improved battery-life estimations
  2. Added a warning about battery-life estimations to the report

2005.01.10 What's new in version 1.08.0901?

  1. Added support for the A-3710 product model
  2. Improved battery-life estimations

2004.12.06 What's new in version 1.07.0897?

  1. Added support for the ST-20-200A product model

2004.11.17 What's new in version 1.06.0894?

  1. Added support for newer versions of several product models

2004.11.02 What's new in version 1.05.0886?

  1. The predeployment period can now be 5 minutes
  2. Added more warning messages
  3. Improved communication with units on Windows® XP
  4. Improved battery-life estimations

What's new in version 1.04.0007?

  1. Added the TAV-2430 product model.
  2. Modified the TAS-100 product model to hide the saltwater section, the pressure section, and the saltwater/pressure schedule.
  3. Added the TAS-150 product model.
  4. Modified the TAS-200 product model to not hide the mortality section.
  5. Added the TAS-250 product model.

What's new in version 1.04.0006?

  1. Fixed a bug that caused tpp to crash on Windows® XP sometimes when saving information to the registry when tpp shuts down.

What's new in version 1.04.0005?

  1. Improved error checking and reporting of two-line-element satellite files.

What's new in version 1.04.0004?

  1. Added the TAS-200 product model.

What's new in version 1.04.0003?

  1. Improved battery-life simulation for pressure units.
  2. Added the TCT-21070 product model.
  3. Added the Argos control panel.
  4. Added new depth formats and new dive-counter formats.
  5. Improved help.
  6. Changed depth formats from 0 through 3515 meters to 0 through 4095 meters, and changed the conversion factor for converting pressure to depth from 3515 meters equals 5000 PSI to 3408 meters equals 5000 PSI.
  7. Added the EIDS message format to the RM-2000 product model.

What's new in version 1.04.0001?

  1. Added hyperlinks to TPP to make it easier for a new user to figure out how to run the program.
  2. Modified the scheduler to not allow an on period's update period to be greater than the on period's duration.

What's new in version 1.04.0000?

  1. Bug fix: TPP would crash if the user sent parameters that enable the remote-analog sensor.
  2. Removed the pressure section from the A-210, A-410, A-1010, and A-2010 product models, and added four new product models that have pressure sensors: A-225, A-425, A-1025, and A-2025.
  3. Added a License Agreement command to the help menu.
  4. Added a feature to allow TPP to save a file to a directory that has security allowing the user to create files but not modify files.