TNR 2000 Telonics Noise Reduction Kit

The information below on discontinued products is provided for individuals who are still using these older systems. Product descriptions may be time sensitive or even outdated. Please contact Telonics if you have questions.
TNR2000 Noise Reduction Unit

The Telonics Model TNR2000 Noise Reduction Unit is the first device designed specifically for wildlife research telemetry applications which:

  • Substantially reduces the background "pink" noise from telemetry receivers
  • Removes steady-state tones such as "whines" and "whistles"
  • Eliminates hetrodynes present in many telemetry receivers
    Without reducing the level of the desired telemetry pulses.

Not to be confused with old-fashioned "noise-blanking" circuits, the TNR2000 employs the most advanced Digital Signal Processing circuitry and programming available today. The DSP algorithms employed were specifically developed for dramatically improving the quality of wildlife telemetry signals under the worst possible conditions of man-made interference; static from older engines in cars, trucks, and planes, from nearby radiating sites such as high voltage power lines, generator facilities, and radio towers, and also from atmospheric interference.

The more experience you have had listening to the hiss and roar of telemetry receivers while straining to pick a weak signal out of the noise, the more dramatic will be the effect of switching on the TNR2000! From a medical standpoint, the reduction in background noise levels experienced by the ear of the user will reduce operator fatigue, maintain hearing acuity (and thus operator effectiveness), by prolonging attention spans, and can potentially reduce hearing loss due to cumulative noise exposure.

TNR2000 with TR-4 Receiver and 12-volt Power Supply
TNR2000 Shown with TR-4 Receiver and 12-volt Power Supply

Designed primarily for use in vehicles and fixed sites, the TNR2000 is a small, rugged, rectangular metal-cased unit measuring 1.1H x 2.75W x 5.5L inches (2.8H x 7W x 14L centimeters), and weighing 12 ounces (0.37 kg). It plugs into the audio output of your receiver and your headphones or speaker then plug into it's output jack. It may be powered from any 12-14 volt DC source and comes complete with a built-in power cord which is terminated in a standard "cigar-lighter" plug. For portable operation, it may be powered from any 12-14 volt battery pack which is capable of providing the required operating current in the range 35-200 milliamperes (dependent upon speaker/earphone volume desired). With the exception of an ON/OFF switch, operation is completely automatic, there are no operator controls or adjustments.

Under the worst possible conditions of interference, the TNR2000 will substantially improve the low-signal performance of virtually any telemetry receiver to which the user listens by means of a speaker or headphones.

If your receiver has a weak audio output, the TNR2000 provides a very powerful output circuit designed to drive large speakers as well as all types of monaural headphones, headsets and intercom systems.

Sample Sounds

The following sounds files are actual recordings of the devices in use. The sound files have not been synthetically produced or altered in anyway. Both sounds are the same telemetry signal. One is using the Noise Reduction Unit, and the other is not.

TR-4 Without Noise Reduction

TR-4 With Noise Reduction