RA-4A VHF Antenna

RA-4A VHF Antenna
RA-4A VHF Antenna shown in vertical polarization
Standard Frequency Bands* Number of
Antenna Gain Connections on Antenna Handheld Fixed Site Land
Boats &
Yagi 148-152 MHz
150-154 MHz
158-162 MHz
164-168 MHz
168-172 MHz
170-174 MHz
5 9 dBd Supports "pigtail" connection
Cable not included

The RA-4A antenna is the standard 5 element antenna only suited for a mast mounting and fixed site applications. It is not practical to use this large an antenna in a handheld application. A single antenna can be "end mounted" with either horizontal or vertical polarization to optimize signal reception. In a single antenna configuration, the signal bearing is based upon obtaining a peak signal. This antenna is also used in the RA-NS array for precision direction finding (accuracy of 1-3 degrees) where the null is used to determine signal bearing. The antenna is DC grounded and can be used with the TLA-1 Lightning Arrester in areas where lightning storms occur frequently.


Frequency Ranges148-152 MHz, 150-154 MHz, 158-162 MHz, 164-168 MHz, 168-172 MHz, 170-174 MHz
Gain9 dBd
Front to back ratio20 dB
ConnectorSupports "pigtail" connection
Number of elements5

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