RM-2000 Receiver/Monitor


The RM-2000 Portable Receiver/Monitor receives, displays and stores digital messages from the digital PT-210 and PT-350 series processor/transmitters and RP-3000 series repeaters. It also will receive FM-VHF voice transmissions as well as most competitive system transmissions. The receiver's broad bandwidth accommodates all frequencies from 138-175MHz on a 6.25 KHz channel spacing. Programming the RM-2000 is simple via the Telonics Product Programmer, a Windows-compatible interface, or a 4-button keypad and a backlit Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

The RM-2000 is compact and lightweight, facilitating ease of use. The electronics are sealed in a waterproof, shock-resistant Lexan plastic housing. The RM-2000 features store-on-board memory, allowing users to store up to 250 timestamped messages in memory for retrieval later via a computer terminal or a serial printer. A top-mounted connector provides access for available headphones, switched output for triggering camera systems, and a USB cable for printing the received transmission or programming user-adjustable parameters. Selectable tones, vibrator, or a combination of the two can alert users of received messages. Telonics provides several battery pack options with the RM-2000.

The standard power supply is Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH); however, Nickel-Cadmium (NI-cad) and Alkaline battery packs are also available. The RM-2000 operates for up to 72 hours on a single charge. The RM-2000 Receiver/Monitor includes the charging base and AC adapter, antenna and carrying case. Telonics can also provide a gang charging base for up to six RM-2000 receivers.

Telonics can sell this product only to law enforcement, military, and government agencies; these products are for use only within such agencies.

Key Features

  • Broad bandwidth - 138-175 MHz continuous coverage
  • Compact and lightweight - 15 ounces
  • Waterproof electronics
  • Long 72-hour battery life
  • Memory recall of up to the last 250 received and stored messages permit the operator to review recent activity
  • Identification selection feature allows operator the choice of monitoring a selected range of transmitter ID numbers
  • Includes USB programming/data cable for PC use, compatible with Windows® XP, Vista and 7
  • External trigger for activating a camera system or other device
  • Vibrator and/or audible tone alert
  • Ability to receive multiple digital code formats and FM-VHF voice transmissions



Size5.5 x 2.3 x 1.8 in
Size139 x 58 x 46 mm
Weight, English, with batteries15 oz
Weight, Metric, with batteries425 g
CaseInjection molded Lexan 143
User interface4-button keypad
Display4 row by 12 column backlit temperature-compensated Liquid Crystal Display (LCD)
Antenna connectorsSMA, 50 ohm input
Programming connectorsMini Din Female Connector


Minimum frequency138 MHz
Maximum frequency175 MHz
Number of channels10
Channel spacing6.25 KHz
Modulation typeFM-FSK Digital - Analog
Operating voltage, minimum6 Vdc
Operating voltage, maximum15 Vdc
External voltage, minimum9 Vdc
External voltage, maximum35 Vdc
Typical operating current, minimum7.5 mA @ 9.6 V
Typical operating current, maximum16 mA @ 9.6 V
Peak operating current95
Power supplyNiMH (standard) or optional NiCad or alkaline pack
Receiver sensitivity0.25 uV rms 12 dB Sinad


Minimum operating temperature-30° C
Maximum operating temperature70° C

Service Commitment

Since 1970, Telonics has built a reputation based on product quality, product support, service, and customer satisfaction. Telonics strives to produce the highest quality products, and to support those products accordingly.

Because of extreme conditions and the unpredictable nature associated with most telemetry applications, problems occasionally arise. Most problems can be resolved quickly. In all cases, we hope to be able to work in partnership with users to resolve problems to the user's satisfaction and to uphold our demonstrated commitment to excellence. If problems should arise, all products must be returned to our factory for failure analysis.


Telonics warrants its products to be free from defects in material and workmanship for a period of one year from the date acquired. Telonics does not warrant batteries.

If a defect occurs, return the equipment to us within the proper time frame at the following address: TELONICS, 932 E. IMPALA AVENUE, MESA AZ USA 85204-6699. Damage to any equipment resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized service, extreme conditions, or other causes, is excluded from this warranty. Telonics does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to equipment during shipment. Telonics does not assume responsibility for delays resulting from shipment on commercial or private carriers. We insure all equipment shipped from our facility and suggest that shipments to Telonics also be insured.

Upon the timely return to our facility, if defective, the product will be replaced or repaired at our discretion at no cost to the customer. This remedy is the exclusive remedy. This product is supplied without any further warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability, quality or fitness for particular reason or those arising by laws, statutes or trade usage or course of dealing.

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