PG-400 Receiver/Monitor

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The PG-400 Handheld Programmer allows the user to adjust the parameters of the PT-100/PT-200 series processor/transmitters and RP-301 series repeaters.

Designed for field use, this ruggedized unit features rechargeable NiCad batteries that will operate for approximately 16 hours under daylight conditions. The large 21-character by 16-line super twist Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) and keypad are backlit for night use. An AC wall adapter is provided for recharging the unit; any 12 to 30 Vdc source may also be used.

The PG-400 displays instructions on its LCD screen concerning each program parameter that the operator can adjust. This feature eliminates the need for the operator to remember what each adjustable parameter does or the necessity of carrying a printed manual.

The PG-400 is supplied with a sturdy Cordura® carrying case with military-style belt loops and shoulder strap, RP-3-12/RP-2-110 chargers, rechargeable NiCad batteries and programming cable.

Telonics can sell this product only to law enforcement, military, and government agencies; these products are for use only within such agencies.

Key Features

  • Portable tool allows users to adjust parameters in the field without a PC
  • User-friendly interface with help text available on every screen eliminates the need to carry a printed manual
  • Large, backlit, LCD display
  • Rechargeable NiCad battery pack with lithium battery backup power source
  • Compact and lightweight - 2 lbs
  • Electronics contained in a ruggedized, water resistant, aluminum housing



Size4 x 1.75 x 7.5 in
102 x 44 x 190.5 mm
Weight, with batteries32 oz
908 g
User interface20-button keypad
Display16-row x 21-column LCD with backlighting
External DB-9 connectors1 male
External power connectors1 power/recharging plug


Operating voltage, minimum12 Vdc
Operating voltage, maximum24 Vdc
Peak operating current400 mA
Power supply6 AA NI-cad (supplied) N-700AAC or equivalent, 1 Lithium 3V BR 2330 (supplied)


FunctionField programmer
Operational life, no backlight16 hours
Operational life, with backlight2 hours
Minimum operating temperature0° C
Maximum operating temperature50° C
MoistureWater resistant (O-ring sealed)

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