Movebank is a free online platform developed by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior to help researchers manage, share, analyze, and archive animal movement data.

TelonicsWeb can optionally deliver GPS data from Telonics Globalstar and Iridium transmitters to Movebank in real time. This service is free and you maintain full ownership and control of your data.

A copy of your data is also retained on TelonicsWeb, so you still have the ability to use Telonics Data Converter (TDC), Telonics alerts, and the Telonics Status Webpage independently of Movebank.

Movebank offers a variety of tools to help you manage and share your data. You can view your tracks on a map, run filters to flag outliers, and access data for use in other software programs. Flexible permissions options allow you to keep your data private, share them with collaborators, or make them available to the public. Other features include:

  • Define deployment periods and manage information about animals, tags, and deployments in the Deployment Manager.
  • Annotate hundreds of environmental variables from global weather models and remote-sensing datasets to your tracking data using the Env-DATA System.
  • Access your data from Movebank for analysis in R using the "move" package.
  • Build your own websites, databases or analysis tools that access data using the Movebank API.
  • Formally publish datasets associated with peer-reviewed publications in the Movebank Data Repository and receive a DOI.

Visit for more information on their site and its features.

See Telonics Movebank Instructions for information on configuring your Telonics Globalstar and Iridium transmitters to send data to Movebank.

(Note: Use of Movebank products, services, and technical support is a direct arrangement between you as the user and and is completely independent of the equipment and services provided to you by Telonics, Inc. To ensure your project's data security, you must formally direct Telonics, Inc to provide data to Movebank. Telonics does not charge a fee to pass data to Movebank and does not validate the data provided by Movebank to you.)