EarthRanger is a real-time, easy-to-use, online software solution developed by Vulcan Inc. to help protected area managers, ecologists, and wildlife biologists to be informed of the status of their domains, and to make informed operational decisions for wildlife conservation.

EarthRanger collects, integrates and displays all historical and real-time locations from Telonics Globalstar and Iridium transmitters and combines it with reports from the field to provide one unified view of collared wildlife, rangers, enforcement assets, and infrastructure within a protected area.

EarthRanger is also very effective at monitoring and studying wildlife movement across ecosystems, ranging from very specific areas to continent-wide migrations.

A copy of your data is also retained on TelonicsWeb, so you still have the ability to use Telonics Data Converter (TDC), Telonics alerts, and the Telonics Status Webpage independently of EarthRanger.

Using EarthRanger at an Operations Center
EarthRanger Operations Center

Support for mobile devices

EarthRanger can be viewed on a big screen in an operations center, on a tablet or on a phone. Data can be collected from the field using mobile applications, Cybertracker and EarthRanger Track, which can function as real-time tracking devices for team members without radios or satellite trackers.

Configurable alerts

The system can be configured to determine when to receive notifications via WhatsApp, email or text message. Screenshot
EarthRanger Screenshot

No IT staff needed for operation and management

EarthRanger is accessed through a web browser making internet and a computer the only requirement. The intuitive, highly-visual software simplifies and expedites training for rangers and managers.

Data is private and secure

Tracked information can be sensitive and the EarthRanger configurable security model enables the user to maintain complete control over collected data. Access to real-time or historic data is controllable at a very specific, granular level.

Visit for more information on their site and its features.

See Telonics EarthRanger Instructions for information on configuring your Telonics Globalstar and Iridium transmitters to send data to EarthRanger.

(Note: Use of EarthRanger products, services, and technical support is a direct arrangement between you as the user and Vulcan, Inc. and is completely independent of the equipment and services provided to you by Telonics, Inc. To ensure your project's data security, you must formally direct Telonics, Inc to provide data to EarthRanger. Telonics does not charge a fee to pass data to EarthRanger and does not validate the data provided by EarthRanger to you.)