ST-20-200V Argos Electronics

The information below on discontinued products is provided for individuals who are still using these older systems. Product descriptions may be time sensitive or even outdated. Please contact Telonics if you have questions.
Size L x W x H (in, mm) Weight (g) Low Power (mW) High Power (mW)
3.67 x 1.90 x 1.019
93.2 x 48.3 x 25.9
64 500 (Typ) mW 1000 (Typ) mW

Telonics designed the ST-20-200V with environmental research applications in mind, especially those in the fields of oceanography and meteorology. The ST-20-200V allows researchers to measure multiple voltage potentials with high accuracy according to a specified schedule, and then uplink this data according to another schedule. Applications include monitoring high-altitude balloon housekeeping devices or barometric pressure sensors.

Key Features

  • Measures up to 7 external voltage potentials, e.g. barometric pressure sensors, housekeeping devices, etc.
  • Internal voltage reference allows either ratiometric or absolute voltage measurement for each input
  • Argos certification allows researchers to forego the rigorous certification process
  • Saltwater switch allows oceanographers to monitor drogue integrity by emulating a surface float submergence sensor
  • Shutdown mode allows users to override operation using an external switch



Size3.67 x 1.90 x 1.019
93.2 x 48.3 x 25.9
Weight64 grams


Supply voltage, minimum2.0 V
Supply voltage, maximum, low power3.65 V
Supply voltage, maximum, high power5.0 V
Output Impedence50 Ω
Low power level500 (Typ) mW
27 ±2 dbm
High power level1000 (Typ) mW
30 ±2 dbm
Minimum operating temperature70° C
Maximum operating temperature-40° C
Argos transmission frequency401.618 to 401.680 MHz
Modulation (BPSK)-1.1 to +1.1 ±0.1 Radians
Quiescent current, typical25 µA
Spurious emissions-45 dBc
Voltage measurement error, maximum0.3% of FS


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Regulatory Information

Service Commitment

Since 1970, Telonics has built a reputation based on product quality, product support, service, and customer satisfaction. Telonics strives to produce the highest quality products, and to support those products accordingly.

Because of extreme conditions and the unpredictable nature associated with most telemetry applications, problems occasionally arise. Most problems can be resolved quickly. In all cases, we hope to be able to work in partnership with users to resolve problems to the user's satisfaction and to uphold our demonstrated commitment to excellence. If problems should arise, all products must be returned to our factory for failure analysis.

Warranty: Argos Transmitting Subsystems

Telonics manufactures and offers for sale electronic assemblies for OEM applications. These packages and assemblies are designed to be integrated into complete systems with appropriate power supplies, packaging and in some cases user hardware and firmware.

Telonics warranties only the following with respect to the Subsystem:
1.1 The electronics assemblies are warranted to be free from defects in materials and workmanship and to perform to the operational specifications over the specified operating temperature range as published by Telonics for one year from date of purchase.


Telonics warranties only the electronic assembly that is provided to the purchaser.

It is the purchaser's obligation to make certain that they order the correct size and type of electronic assembly for the application. No warranty is expressed or implied for any failure to meet operational specifications due in whole or in part to use of an incorrect size or type of Subsystem.

The user bears all responsibility for selection of the appropriate power supply, packaging and pressure and water proofing of the final subsystem.

In applications where the purchaser must supply firmware control over an electronics module, the purchaser is fully responsible for assuring proper integration and testing of the final subsystem.

No warranty is expressed or implied with regard to abnormal events or damage due to human actions. Further, no warranty is expressed or implied with regard to damage resulting from misuse, accidents, unauthorized service, extreme conditions, or other causes not specifically enumerated herein.

The entire risk, as to the results and performance of the electronic assembly, is assumed by the customer. Neither Telonics, nor its suppliers, shall have any liability to the customer or any other person or entity for any indirect, incidental, special, or consequential damage whatsoever, regardless whether Telonics has been told of the possibility of such damages or that such damages might be foreseeable. Telonics has no responsibility or liability for the claims of any third party. Telonics' and its suppliers' maximum aggregate liability shall not exceed the amount paid by the customer for the Subsystem.

Exercising the Warranty
If a defect occurs, return the Subsystem to Telonics within the applicable time frame noted above at the following address: TELONICS, 932 E. IMPALA AVENUE, MESA AZ USA 85204-6699. Electronic assemblies must be returned to Telonics in the configuration they are were in when shipped to the purchaser. Assemblies should be returned without any customer hardware or packaging and with the original interface connectors supplied by Telonics. Telonics does not assume responsibility for loss or damage to equipment during shipment. Telonics does not assume responsibility for delays resulting from shipment on commercial or private carriers. We insure all equipment shipped from our facility and suggest that shipments to Telonics also be insured. Customer shall arrange for and pay all shipping, insurance and related charges incurred in the shipment of electronic assembly to and from Telonics under this warranty.

Upon the timely return to our facility within the applicable time frame noted above, if the exterior packaging integrity and/or internal electronics (excluding batteries) are defective, the Subsystem will be replaced or repaired, at Telonics' sole discretion, at no cost to the customer, other than shipping charges. This remedy is the exclusive remedy. This product is supplied without any further warranties or conditions, expressed or implied, including warranties of merchantability, quality or fitness for particular reason or those arising by laws, statutes or trade usage or course of dealing.

The above warranty extends only to the original purchaser and does not cover any electronics assembly which is resold or otherwise transferred from the original purchaser to another party. The warranty will be extended to customers who purchase the electronic assemblies directly from a Telonics-authorized distributor.