Aircraft Intercom and Audio Distribution Systems

The versatile Telonics RA-2A Antenna (or RA-2AK kit) is designed for mounting on aircraft as well as for hand-held use or as part of the RA-NS Precision Direction Finding System. For use on aircraft, Telonics typically recommends the antenna be reinforced as noted below as an RA-2HS.

SPO-22 Transcom II Aircraft Intercom and Audio Distribution System
Automatic activation offers pilot-to-passenger hands-free communication, push-to-talk control of VHF ATC aircraft radio, input for one telemetry receiver, and output for conventional audio tape recorder to log cockpit audio and telemetry data. ATC radios may be controlled by either pilot or copilot. Powered by an internal 9V battery, the unit provides approximately 40 hours of operation. A four-foot cord is also included for powering via a cigarette lighter jack. Standard model is designed for two headsets, with headsets purchased separately. (Headsets are required for each person who will be communicating through the system). Includes RW-8 shielded adapter cable for connecting intercom with a telemetry receiver with a 1/4-inch phone plug (e.g. the TR-5).
SPO-42 Four-Way Aircraft Audio
Same features as SPO-22, but includes an auxiliary unit for the rear seat with inputs for two additional headsets. Permits four people to have voice-actuated communications and monitor telemetry.
RP-3-24 24-28 Volt DC Charging Adapter
Allows charging of TR-2 Receiver or TDP-2 Data Processor from 24-28 VDC negative ground electrical system (e.g., an aircraft power supply). Must be used in conjunction with RP-3-12.

For use on these Telonics Products: TR-2, TDP-2
RW-7 Adapter Shielded Cable
1/4 to 1/4 audio cord
RW-8 Adapter Shielded Cable
1/4 to 1/8 audio cord