Telemetry Equipment for Education (TEK-1)

This kit includes items required to demonstrate and teach fundamentals of conventional VHF wildlife telemetry to students. It includes an RB-10 transmitter with a user-replaceable battery, TR-4 Receiver, and a RA-23K Directional Antenna.

TEK-1 Educational Telemetry Kit

Includes the following:

RB-10 Beacon Transmitter
Dimensions L x W x H: 2.66" x 1.25" x 1.46" (6.75 x 3.2 x 3.7 cm)
Weight: 129 grams
Operational Life: 2-4 months at 75-35 pulses per minute
Power source: 9-volt alkaline transistor battery, which is replaceable by the user.

The MS6A Mortality-Motion sensor provides "active or alive" or "inactive or dead" pulse period depending on activity state of the study animal. A position sensitive switch is incorporated in the unit to detect animal movements and a microprocessor is used to monitor the status of the switch (open or closed). A user-defined evaluation time interval is established and the number of switch closures occurring during this interval is counted by the microprocessor. The active pulse period is maintained as long as the number of switch closures in an evaluation time interval is greater than the mortality threshold. If the number of switch closures falls below the established threshold, the unit produces the inactive pulse period. This option is unique in that a separate resurrection threshold can be established which allows the unit to return to the active pulse period. If the number of switch closures during the evaluation interval exceeds the resurrection threshold, the unit will assume the active pulse period. When ordering, please specify the active pulse rate of the transmitters (i.e. 60 pulses per minute), inactive pulse rate of the transmitters (i.e. 120 pulses per minute), and the delay period of the mortality sensor (i.e. 2 minutes). A short delay time is best when used for educational purposes so the change in pulse can be detected within a short period of time.

The HP High Power option allows for increased range performance.

TR-4 Receiver
The TR-4 receiver is a small, lightweight, user-friendly receiver. It can be tuned for operation within any user-specified 4 MHz frequency band between 142 and 220 MHz. The TR-4 allows up to 100 channels to be programmed within the specified 4 MHz band. When ordering, you will need to specify a 4 MHz frequency range. The TR-4 is powered by two 9-volt alkaline batteries, which are expected to last 16-18 hours at 21°C. It is supplied with a vinyl carrying case, earphones, and two 9-volt batteries (not pictured).

RA-23K Antenna Kit
Directional, hand-held "H antenna", with flexible elements, 4 dBd gain with 12 dB front to back ratio, BNC connection. Supplied with RW-2 coaxial cable and PK 003080-001 nylon carrying pouch. This antenna is used to determine the direction of the signal and ultimately where the transmitter is located. A transmitter's general direction can be determined by rotating the antenna until the strongest audio signal is received.

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