Telonics ST-16 Argos Certified Module

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The ST-16 RF Module is a small and versatile radio frequency (RF) assembly which has been certified with Argos for use with the Argos System. The unit has been designed to provide a one half watt (0.5 W) output power (see Specifications section for details). The ST-16 is available as a separate component for those researchers who wish to interface an RF Module with their own digital control circuitry. It is important to understand that when the RF Module is sold for use with an uncertified controller, it is necessary for the user to certify their complete digital assembly with ARGOS prior to any deployment. This is the user's responsibility even though the ST-16 RF Module has previously been certified in conjunction with Telonics digital control circuitry.

ST-16 Feedthru
ST-16 Feedthru End
ST-16 Header
ST-16 Header End

For a detailed Autocad® outline drawing of the ST-16 in PDF format, click here.

Input/Output Pins

The ST-16 RF Module is supplied with a single hermetic feed-through positioned on one end of the unit which provides the RF output to the user supplied antenna. All other I/O signals are accessed through a 9 pin header protruding from the unit on the opposite end of the RF Module.

Pin 1 is closest to the rail corner with the remaining pins numbered sequentially toward the center of the rail. Individual pin functions are as follows:

Pin 1 Input Power and signal ground, common to the rail.
Pin 2 Input Phase 1 modulation (0 vdc to 3.3 vdc).
Pin 3 Input Phase 2 modulation (0 vdc to 3.3 vdc).Pins 2 and 3 are the bi-phase modulation inputs. There are pull-downs (~2 meg) in the module on these two lines. The modulation inputs will drive 3.3 vdc HCMOS devices, therefore, the modulating signals must comply with standard family specifications for these devices in order to guarantee operation over temperature.
Pin 4 Input Loop Enable (0 vdc = off; 3.3 vdc = on). This pin is normally held low until time to begin the transmit sequence. There is a 2 meg pull-down in the transmitter on this line. To begin the transmit sequence, this line must be taken high 100 msec before the TX enable line. To guarantee operation over temperature, this high must be 2.5 vdc minimum. Maximum input cannot exceed +Vbatt.
Pin 5 Output TX Sense (0 vdc = off; 3 vdc = TX on). This output line is low when the transmitter is off and high when the transmitter is on with the low being 0 vdc and a high being 2.5 vdc minimum, 3.0 vdc nominal. This line is a signal line only, to be used for the required ARGOS shutdown circuitry and cannot source current.
Pin 6 Input TX Enable (0 vdc = off; 3.3 vdc = on). This pin is normally held low and has a 2 meg pull-down on the line. Drive the line high when it is time to transmit (same operating specifications as the Loop Enable). When the transmission is complete, drive both the Loop Enable and TX Enable low simultaneously.
Pin 7 Input TX Shutdown (H1Z = normal; GND = shutdown). Under normal operating circumstances, this line must not be loaded in any way (high Z). If the transmitter exceeds the ARGOS maximum for a single transmission (1 second as detected from the TX sense line), then the TX Shutdown line must be driven low to turn off the transmitter and suppress any further transmissions for the minimum ARGOS shutdown period.
Pin 8 Input +Vbatt (+battery input, 4 vdc to 7.5 vdc). This is the battery input for the transmitter. The ST-16 is specified for operation from 4 vdc to 7.5 vdc.
Pin 9 Input Power and signal ground common to the rail.

Notes on Usage

  1. Battery input can also be wired to the front of the unit.
  2. Loop enable = High must precede TX enable = High by 100 msec.
  3. TX sense cannot source current and must have A H1 Z load. Do not bypass with any capacitors larger than .01µf.

ST-16 Specifications


Dimensions3.020 L x .720 W x .300 T inches
WeightApproximately 7 grams, full cast unit approximately 13 grams
Frequency401.650 MHz ( In accordance with ARGOS specifications)
Operating Temperature RangeOption 004 (-40 to +70° C) or Option 005 (-40 to +60° C)
Storage Temperature Range-60 to +80° C
Humidity90% Non-condensing
Power Output/Peak Current
(50Ω impedance)
525 mw/385 ma at 7.3 vdc, 400 mw/355 ma at 6.0 vdc, 200 mw/315 ma at 4.0 vdc
Voltage+4.0 vdc to 7.2 vdc
Quiescent Current<45 Ωa (operating) <5 Ωa (shutdown)
Case PolarityNegative (-) Ground
RF Output Impedance50Ω

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