Intrusion Detection

Eagle Telonics was a joint venture partnership established in 1988 between Telonics and Eagle Security Systems of Belton, Texas. Eagle and Telonics created the partnership to develop a cost-effective, reliable remote intrusion sensor system. The results of our combined effort is the Eagle Intrusion Detection System (EIDS). EIDS is an intelligent discriminating remote sensor system designed to operate in extreme temperature ranges over long periods of time.

In 2006, the joint venture dissolved and Telonics took over the entire product line.

The most versatile RF intrusion detection system on the market today, EIDS offers three different processors/transmitters to fit your requirements. Long-term deployment models, medium-sized tactical units and miniature short-term units are available. EIDS uses seismic, magnetic, passive and active infrared, breakwire and pressure mat detectors. The system classifies signals generated by the detectors and reports unauthorized intrusions or illegal activity via RF transmission.



Customers may purchase components independently or as a package. System users may select only those components necessary to customize the package for a particular application.

EIDS is a proven sensor system currently in use by U.S. and foreign military units, U.S. and foreign Border Patrols, U.S. Forest Service, National Park Service, Bureau of Land Management, and many other U.S. and foreign law enforcement agencies. EIDS offers you a completely adaptable system to meet almost any deployment scenario in the world. You have our continual commitment to product support, technological enhancements and product line expansion.

Army personnel

Some of the many benefits of the EIDS system include:

  • Reduced manpower requirements. The use of unattended ground sensors is the most cost-effective method of adding extra eyes and ears to address your security needs without adding extra personnel.
  • EIDS provides around-the-clock observation or can monitor activity only during the hours and days which fit your needs.
  • A portable system, EIDS is very easy to deploy and conceal.
  • Our low-power consumption means fewer battery changes. The PT-100 performs for over one year on a single set of batteries.
  • Synthesized voice transmissions can be used with your existing voice communication network and receivers. EIDS can also transmit a short digital message for covert installations.
  • Advanced signal processing provides you the highest detection rate with minimal nuisance alarms.
  • EIDS discriminates between personnel, vehicles and animals and can even tell you the direction an object is traveling.
  • The system is adaptable to camera or video systems to document intrusion events.